At MG & Co. we believe that homewares are designed to be truly lived with. Our designs weave together personality and purpose; each item has its own role to play in the daily motions of the home from elevating a room with lighting to framing cherished memories. What started with our signature Scallop Lamp Shade has led to a thoughtful collection of homeware essentials, offering a contemporary spin on interior classics. Matilda Goad & Co. is premised on reinventing tradition and revitalising utility.

The Making of a Home

At MG & Co. our mission is to brighten the day-to-day and contribute to the feeling of a home, because we believe that your space should be a  retreat for self expression and rejuvenation, a place to recharge for what lies beyond your doorstep. MG & Co. is about prompting those small moments of joy and making the quotidian – pouring your morning coffee, laying the table, and switching off the lights – a little less ordinary.

Reducing our Impact

Craftsmanship deserves a place in the modern home, and we are committed to reviving artisanal traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation. For us, sustainability translates to well made pieces that stand the test of time.  From smart, timeless design through to environmentally friendly packaging, we are conscious of our impact and continually evaluate how we can reduce our footprint. We strive to only create purpose-led products and manufacture  them in a way that supports independent craftspeople, keeping artisanal techniques and tradition alive.