Floral Brass Pendant, Cream, Large

A smart addition to dining tables and hallways alike, our large cream shade features finely perforated floral details and a subtle scallop trim.




This Cream pendant shade features pinhole detailing that casts out delicate beams of light into a room, and comes included with a matching lacquered cream ceiling rose, natural linen flex and a polished brass bulb holder. Alternative flex colours are available in our Parts Collection.

US customers are advised to source compatible electrical components and fittings (flex and bulb holder).

Ceiling Rose Dimensions:
Width: 12cm
Height: 6cm

Width: 15.7"
Height: 4.7"

Max Wattage: 40w

Please note: we advise that this shade is installed by a qualified electrician and in accordance with the customer’s country’s current wiring and building regulations. Ceiling rose is available, please use suitable fixings for installation.

Installation is the sole responsibility of the customer.


Brass, with a lacquer finish. Avoid using harsh chemicals and instead wipe with a clean, damp cloth. Our brass is coated with lacquer to prevent any tarnish, therefore there is no need to use any product while polishing your shade.

Please ensure that you are completely satisfied with this product before final assembly with an electrical fitting, as fully tightening any metal shade rings to the shade surface may mark the lacquer.