Tess Newall x MG&Co. Clover Shade, Medium

An exclusive collaboration between Tess Newall and MG&Co., these hand-painted lampshades feature a delicately painted clover motif.



Each shade is hand-painted by Tess Newall in her Sussex studio.

With subtly scalloped edges and pinhole detailing, this shade gives off a muted light and pairs perfectly with our table lamp bases.

Due to the handmade nature, please note each lampshade is unique and will vary slightly.

UK/EU Fitting: Comes with an extendable fitting attached, adaptable for use as a pendant shade.

US Fitting: Washer fitting, suitable for US lamp bases only.

Top 3.9"
Base 14.6"
Slope 8.7"


Your piece is one of a kind. This lampshade has been constructed without a traditional frame, and may need up to two days to settle into shape once unpacked. To preserve your piece, we highly recommend using energy efficient LED bulbs that don’t give off heat.

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